Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
It is impossible to comment for such an great and different kind of art in this world.
Pt. V.G. Jog
I was highly impressed and there is music in every picture.
Madhay Ramanuj
Pieces of nature wanted to be more beautiful and they all got arranged inside art of Kamlaji.
Faisal Qureshi
Simply Best.
Swami Harekrishna Das
These broken useless pieces of glass have come alive with the loving touch of your magical hands.
Vasant Kamdar
Just saw beauty in broken glass. One thing came in my mind, – for beauty it also needs to be broken.
IIM(A) Student
It is an exhibition of technical excellency rather than subjective excellency.
Mr. Naik NID Ahmedabad
An interesting articulation and possibilities have been linked with this exhibition.
Dr. Hansa Shah
As far as I know I had never seen such work from glass pieces. It’s simply unique.
Kantilal Panchal Principal – Sheth C.N. College of Fine Arts
Wonderfully used glass marble in the painting, I hope all the best.
Dr. Oza Ahmedabad
Very simple, yet depicting inner sense of beauty.
Arun Sanghvi Kolkata
Broken Glasses gives new heart beat.
Saroj Jalan
Exhibition is so good that I am not finding any words to appreciate the pictures.
Darshak Shah
Congratulation for developing a new concept in Arts. Really wonderful work you have created.
Girish Parikh
An excellent exhibition of original creativity. Hope this exhibition gives an inspiration to other artists.
Vinod Parul
Painting of canvass and broken glass by you have been made with a lot of sense.
Manjari Kashyap
An exhibition worth seeing twice
Ashok Surtee
As layman, I can say it is superb.
K.H. Mehta Ahmedabad
Very bold & marvellous experiment in art using broken pieces of glass and mixing colors in a fantastic way.
Atul Joshi
It deserves applause. Because this is a first time when art and painting has been made in such a different way. It’s inspiration for art students.
Meena Vyas
From art point of view, it requires great excellency and calmness. I am speechless after seeing your art gallery.
Kanishtha Dwivedi
Just couldn’t believe the dynamics of an artist.
Sejal Mehta
The exhibition potrays high quality innovation sense of the artist.
Pt. Nandkishor Muley
It’s a wonderful feeling to see the pictures which takes in meditation.
N Upadhyay
It was like a land of art work which was coming to life in our eyes.
Prabodh M Joshi
This small but an excellent exhibition brings a new dimension in the field of art and painting.
Mrs. Dhinal Shah
Padmini is the essence of the beauty of women in power of serenity.
Anita Dalal
The panaroma of colour created through paintings are breath taking.
Gautam Oza
In your art, it was essence of god, we felt.
Tarlika Harnavati
I liked Padmini a lot. At this age, doing such an amazing job is awesome.
Vaisheli Parikh
God has given you a special talent and aesthetic sense.
Anand Krishnan
By using coloured glass pieces, various facts of life/nature has been created in vibrant colors.
Parag Shah
I am not lover of art, but this type of exhibition really experienced one.
Shivani Shah
Ma’am it’s a privilege to see some of the real art. I really enjoyed the piece of work.
Jalinder Narula
Wonderful seen for the first time in my life. Beyond imagination.
Sayam Diwan
Being the only one of its king having no like or equal or parallel – unusual – “the unique”
Vinod Rawal
Very Good.
Janak Patel
Very Skilled work done with great love, dedication and involvement in painting is seen.
Surendra Ravat
Witnessing the exhibition of creations was a real delight.
Mala Shodhar
Very interesting textures created by different stones. It adds depth to the painting.
Vadehi Shah
Fantastic combination of colors, excellent shading and inspiration for the new artist.
Sonali Nawab
No words will ever express the feeling I had after watching the exhibition.